Some of you may have heard/read this story before. This is just my retelling of it in my own words.

Once, while a man (let's call him Joe) was rock climbing, the mountain he was on got hit with a bad snowstorm. Thankfully, Joe had remembered cold weather gear. As he tried to climb down the mountain, he prayed, "God, please help me get off this mountain."
Joe's hands were stiff with frostbite. His climbing rope had icicles covering it. The snow was thick and heavy. The wind whistled around Joe's ears.
In the wind, Joe heard God's voice say, "Do you trust me, Joe?"
"Yes, Lord!" he shouted into the wind.
"Cut the rope," God told him.
"Cut the rope? I'll fall to my death!" Joe cried.
"Cut the rope," God repeated.
This went back and forth for several hours. After refusing to do what God said, Joe froze to death on the side of the mountain.
The following day, a group of people found Joe's frozen body - his toes hanging a few inches above the ground. Joe had said he trusted God, but because he didn't put his trust into action, he died mere inches from salvation.

Yes, I know this is a sad story, but it proves a good point.

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