My little sister's blog!

My little sister just started her own blog. I've taken a look at it a few times, and it's really good. Check it out here. It's looking good, and it's got some great posts on it.


More giveaways!

Over at Giveaways of Blessing, there's a giveaway where the prize is a custom blog design! It sounds really cool!


Klarabelle Candy Giveaway!

Today, I was checking out the various blogs, and I came across Klarabelle Candy, and found out that she was holding a giveaway at her blog. The prizes look amazing, and it's really easy to enter. And that's what I'm doing! Entering my name into the hat.


The winner . . .

And the winner is . . . Kara " Would that be Kara from Klarabelle Candy? You can email me at and claim which prize you would like. Thanks for participating, all three of you who did. =D


My first giveaway!!!

Okay, so I'm completely new at this, and feel free to comment about it. I've made tons of jewelry, and I've decided to give some of it away on my blog. Here are some pictures of the potential prizes.
Some loopy earrings I made. Let's call them Triangular Loops.

I call these the Wordless Book / Fish earrings. Wordless Book colors, fish symbol of Christianity

I'm not sure what to call these ones. How about . . . hm, how about Four Tiers

These earrings go with my "Leaf of Lorien" bracelet

Pretty Princess Pink earrings made from an old necklace

Well, here's the Rafflecopter you can use to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway