Celebrating Five Years with Bach and Bruch

I can't believe that I've been playing violin for only five years. It has become such a huge part of my life, it feels like I've been playing for much longer. This February I'm celebrating my five-year anniversary of violin lessons. Some of the music added to my repertoire are very different from what I've ever played.

For YBAC this year, which will be in April, I plan on playing the Allemande and Gigue from Bach's Partita No. 2 for solo violin. Bach's solo violin music is some of the most difficult violin music on the planet. Though I do have to say, I'm playing two of the easier pieces.

Also, this year, my teacher asked me if I wanted to play anything in particular. We had already started on the Bach music, and orchestra was running again. I had just finished the first movement of another Mozart concerto and several theme and variation pieces by Dancia. I told my teacher that I wanted to play something different, since we had played so many similar pieces. It was then that she gave me the Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor.

When my teacher was a year younger than I am now, she had played the same piece. She had just switched teachers, and this piece was a big breakthrough for her. She saw it fitting that I should play it.

I wanted something more challenging, and that's what I got. If you search for Bruch Violin Concerto 1 on YouTube, Nicola Benedetti's recording is amazing.

It is by far the most difficult piece I've started learning, and I love it.