My novel!

My novel Hafling Diaries is completely typed out! I've posted it on a separate page. You can access it from a button in the sidebar. Have fun, and I hope you like it!



Please enter the polls in my sidebar! I'm in need of some names for my new book (title TBD [to be determined]), and I have nine choices for last names and nine choices for first names. I'm going to do each category like a tournament, with each round having three "players". So, you're going to see a lot of polls on my sidebar for a while.


My best friend's blog!

My best friend has just created her new blog, Kitty Katlyn! I designed the header for her. Let me know what you think.

Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Don't forget to celebrate the Reason for the season! It's called CHRISTmas for a reason, you know. =D


Miserable Day =(

Today has just been miserable today. This morning, I woke up at 6:45 for the first time in about a week because my younger sister had to go to children's choir rehearsal. We left around 8:30 to get to church, and we played a little basketball before we started rehearsal. After rehearsal, I played two straight fierce games of fooseball. When our dad got to church to pick us up, a headache started to develop. And lately, my back and neck have been hurting me, and today was no exception. So, on top of having a headache, I had back pain. My headache still hasn't gone away, but my back is feeling a little better. My slight headache has actually developed into a splitting headache, and my muscles have been moving slowly. So, today, I have not been in the best of moods today. I think I might be coming down with something. =(



The Hobbit and Snow

So, today, my mom, sister, and I went to the theaters to see The Hobbit. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! I would love to talk all about it, but you'll just have to see it all for yourself. =D I've watched all three Lord of the Rings movies, so I knew a few of the landmarks in The Hobbit. I liked a lot of the humor in it, especially the part where Bilbo and Gollum meet. Overall, I absolutely LOVED the movie and can't wait for more to come out. I have the book at my house, but I'll think I'll wait.
When we first walked into the theaters, it was lightly drizzling rain and barely windy. When we got out, it was pouring snow and very gusty. It is still very gusty, and I can't wait to see how much snow is on the ground in the morning. Maybe less than what is on the ground right now because the wind will probably blow most of it away, just like it has in previous years. I like snow, but not the cold that comes with it. =I


New design!!!

I'm so excited! I did my own blog design! What do you all think? I really, really, REALLY LOVE IT!!!

Edit December 18:
I've revised the buttons in the right sidebar so they are more readable. What do you think of it? I had to change the font, colors, background, and the contrast-y things on the background. But, it looks good, doesn't it?


Sunshine Award!

My little sister Heidi has awarded me with the Sunshine Award! The rules are as follows:

1.   Answer the 8 questions
2.   Nominate 8 people (no tag-backs) and notify them on their blog
3.   Either come up with your own 8 questions or reuse the ones you answered for your nominees to answer

So, Heidi's questions to me:

1.   What is your favorite book by what author?

          I'm not really sure? I would have to say The Oath by Frank Peretti, This Present Darkness also by Frank Peretti, Proof by Jordyn Redwood, The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker, Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, or Illusion by Frank Peretti.

2.   What is not your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

          Hm, I would have to say peppermint tea.

3.   What do you plan to be when you graduate from college?

          I'm not exactly sure, but anything that has to do with music and spreading the Gospel.

4.   What is your hobby?

          Which one do you want to know? I knit, crochet, bead, read, write, blog, play piano, play violin, play accordion, play a little guitar, sing in the second soprano section of my church choir, fill in on the piano at church when people are away, and fly gliders.

5.   Who is your favorite President?

          I would definitely have to say Abraham Lincoln.

6.   What subject in school is your favorite?

          I would have to say science, if it's biology, general science, physical science, or astronomy, it's my favorite! I don't like physics though.

7.   If you were a millionaire, what would be your main use for the money?

          Hm, donate some to charity and missions, get a Steinway grand piano, maybe get a Stradivarius violin, but use them all to the glory to God.

8.   If you had your own business, what would it be for?

          Music education!!!

My 8 nominees:

Leighanna Rose
Rebecca Rae
jaquelyn {the sweetest petunia}
Brittney Ann

My 8 questions to my nominees:

1.   What's your favorite kind of music?
2.   What are your favorite party games?
3.   What's your favorite holiday drink?
4.   What would you say is your worst fear?
5.   What's your favorite hobby?
6.   Who's your favorite author?
7.   Have you ever received any other Blogger awards?
8.   What's your favorite climate?

Have at it, Nominees!