Sunshine Award!

My little sister Heidi has awarded me with the Sunshine Award! The rules are as follows:

1.   Answer the 8 questions
2.   Nominate 8 people (no tag-backs) and notify them on their blog
3.   Either come up with your own 8 questions or reuse the ones you answered for your nominees to answer

So, Heidi's questions to me:

1.   What is your favorite book by what author?

          I'm not really sure? I would have to say The Oath by Frank Peretti, This Present Darkness also by Frank Peretti, Proof by Jordyn Redwood, The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker, Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, or Illusion by Frank Peretti.

2.   What is not your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

          Hm, I would have to say peppermint tea.

3.   What do you plan to be when you graduate from college?

          I'm not exactly sure, but anything that has to do with music and spreading the Gospel.

4.   What is your hobby?

          Which one do you want to know? I knit, crochet, bead, read, write, blog, play piano, play violin, play accordion, play a little guitar, sing in the second soprano section of my church choir, fill in on the piano at church when people are away, and fly gliders.

5.   Who is your favorite President?

          I would definitely have to say Abraham Lincoln.

6.   What subject in school is your favorite?

          I would have to say science, if it's biology, general science, physical science, or astronomy, it's my favorite! I don't like physics though.

7.   If you were a millionaire, what would be your main use for the money?

          Hm, donate some to charity and missions, get a Steinway grand piano, maybe get a Stradivarius violin, but use them all to the glory to God.

8.   If you had your own business, what would it be for?

          Music education!!!

My 8 nominees:

Leighanna Rose
Rebecca Rae
jaquelyn {the sweetest petunia}
Brittney Ann

My 8 questions to my nominees:

1.   What's your favorite kind of music?
2.   What are your favorite party games?
3.   What's your favorite holiday drink?
4.   What would you say is your worst fear?
5.   What's your favorite hobby?
6.   Who's your favorite author?
7.   Have you ever received any other Blogger awards?
8.   What's your favorite climate?

Have at it, Nominees!


  1. Hey, I'm 1lover. That's pretty cool! I liked learnig all that about you. Can I also answer those questions, both the ones you answered and the ones you asked, on here? (I don't have a blog.)

  2. Thank you for awarding me:) you are so sweet!

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