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Autumn is already halfway over. Right now, the trees are beautiful golds, reds, greens, and yellows. Cool and crisp air is slowly moving in, preparing us for the winter. Just a few weeks ago, we were wearing light jackets. Those jackets are getting gradually heavier and thicker. In a little over a month comes winter and Christmas.
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Winter is coming soon. When it comes, the trees will become coated with ice crystals and snow. Cold air will reign. And to imagine: those trees that were coated with golds, reds, greens, and yellows will be coated with sparkling whites. Those light jackets at the beginning of fall are soon to become parkas. Dress boots will be replaced by snow boots. Then will spring come.

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When comes spring, it will melt the winter snow away from the trees to make room for the leaf buds and fragrant blossoms. The bulbs planted so many months ago will begin to rise and bloom with beautiful flowers. It will get increasingly warmer, and the parkas and snow boots will be stored away for the next winter. The same jackets used in the fall will reemerge.
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Then shall summer begin. The leaves on the trees will be a dark green. Fruit will begin to grow. The jackets will be put away to make room for the short and sleeveless. Hiking boots will be taken out, as will the Thermos coolers. Families will go on camping and hiking trips. School will be out. Some college students will get married, opening the air to whites and pinks. Only during the last few weeks will the jackets slowly ease out of storage, and autumn will soon make his entrance.

Thus, the cycle begins again.



Wow, I think I'm doing better at Nano this year than I was last year. If you look at the Nano widget in the sidebar, you'll see that I've already written more than 10% of my word count goal. And most of what I've written are thanks to word wars. Notice: I am doing the youth site, where I can set my own goal. I've set my goal at 15,000 words, and I'm chuggin' away!
One of my little habits with writing a rough draft is I like to read over it and fix anything I can see. Well, I decided not to do that this time I write through a first draft, unless it's a serious misspelling.
Last night, I participated in several word wars and more than tripled my word count! And I was able to do it while little sister and Dad were watching TV in the living room - where the computer desk just happens to be. So, I plugged in my headphones, turned up the volume, and wrote more than 1,000 words last night. I just hope I can continue to chug away so quickly!