Wow, I think I'm doing better at Nano this year than I was last year. If you look at the Nano widget in the sidebar, you'll see that I've already written more than 10% of my word count goal. And most of what I've written are thanks to word wars. Notice: I am doing the youth site, where I can set my own goal. I've set my goal at 15,000 words, and I'm chuggin' away!
One of my little habits with writing a rough draft is I like to read over it and fix anything I can see. Well, I decided not to do that this time I write through a first draft, unless it's a serious misspelling.
Last night, I participated in several word wars and more than tripled my word count! And I was able to do it while little sister and Dad were watching TV in the living room - where the computer desk just happens to be. So, I plugged in my headphones, turned up the volume, and wrote more than 1,000 words last night. I just hope I can continue to chug away so quickly!

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