I can't believe it's time for NaNo already! Six hours and counting. Oh, I can hardly wait to start penning Imagination. I guess I better tell you a little more what it's about, eh?

What if your imagination isn't something you created in your mind? What if it's really happening, and you're in danger - past, present, and future?
Starsley is not your ordinary teenage girl. She has an imagination, and a good one it is. But when her imagination sends her reeling into the past, the only thing she can think to do is get home. Only when she realizes that she's not imagining has her plight become more urgent. She must find the device that sent her to the past and shut it down, before her entire family history - past, present, and future - is erased. Handsome knight, scientists from the future, dim-witted vassals, and emotional baggage all stand in her return to the present.

Well, I better get going now!

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