I'm so sorry I haven't posted on here in several months. No excuse will do for me.

Anyway, I have been working on a few projects: one, Mermaid Tales - third novella in series with The Fairy Princess and Hafling Diaries; and two, Imagination - my NaNo novel.

Well, I guess better explain what Imagination is about. My original thoughts on the story were, "What if your imagination isn't something you created in your mind? What if it's really happening, and you're in danger - past, present, and future?" I guess it would fall under the paranormal genre. I've got the protagonist all planned, and I know her best friend's name, but I can't decide on a name for the antagonist. Here's a list of the names I originally looked up:

Cethin - "dark, swarthy"
Erebos - "darkness"
Darnell - "hidden/secret nook"
Gero - "future"
Eilian - "second, a moment in time"
Ator - "gall; poison; venom"
Bugan - "shape-shifter"
Atei - "the future"
Mancio - "foretells the future"

I could really use your opinions, readers, on what your favorite names in the list are.

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