The Hobbit and Snow

So, today, my mom, sister, and I went to the theaters to see The Hobbit. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! I would love to talk all about it, but you'll just have to see it all for yourself. =D I've watched all three Lord of the Rings movies, so I knew a few of the landmarks in The Hobbit. I liked a lot of the humor in it, especially the part where Bilbo and Gollum meet. Overall, I absolutely LOVED the movie and can't wait for more to come out. I have the book at my house, but I'll think I'll wait.
When we first walked into the theaters, it was lightly drizzling rain and barely windy. When we got out, it was pouring snow and very gusty. It is still very gusty, and I can't wait to see how much snow is on the ground in the morning. Maybe less than what is on the ground right now because the wind will probably blow most of it away, just like it has in previous years. I like snow, but not the cold that comes with it. =I

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  1. Hiya!
    Yays! I'm so glad you enjoyed "The Hobbit"! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :D The book is really great; a little easier to read than the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well. When you read it sometime, would love to hear your thoughts about it, too!
    Ahh, there's snow were I live, too. Yikes! It's pretty, but quite cold! (No more running out barefoot to fetch the mail... :D)
    Have a blessed day!