The Dentist

So, I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning. Then I had to get sealants. Now my bite feels all out of whack. :-( Because I'm over the age of 15, our insurance doesn't pay for the sealants. )-: Then I found out that my doctor wants me to get braces for my overbite! That makes me the third girl in my family (fourth if you count my mom) to get braces. I've had an overbite for years, but I figured that I would grow out of it as my molars came in. Evidently, my dentist doesn't think so.


  1. So sorry that you have to get braces, and about the insurance. :( But braces really aren't that bad, when you get used to them... ;)

  2. Braces aren't as bad as people say, I have them, and I can't even notice them! The only thing that bothers me is flossing takes longer. :( That's sad about the insurance. :( Cheer up!! When it's all over, you'll have a beautiful bite!