Take 'n Write Contest

I know, I enter a lot of contests, especially Storyteller's. In this contest, we have to take a picture and write a little story about it. This is my entry:

I had been wandering in the eerily sylvan countryside for days now. I was lost, with no idea which way was what.
Now, to make it worse, it was raining. Not that gentle, soothing rain. This was the beating-down-hard, sideways-pointing rain.
In this deep forest, not one blossoming plant lived. It was only around the outer edges that very few flowers lived. It was rumored that a dragon's breath prevented the growth of anything beautiful and colorful in the deepest parts of the forest.
I was weary from my wandering. I was about to give up, sit down, and wait for my doom to fall upon me, when I saw something bursting with color. I crawled up to it and examined it.
It was a flower. One single, tiny, blue flower. This tiny blob of color gave me hope. It meant I was nearing the outer edge of the forest. I was almost home.
I looked up through the trees. There was a break in the dark foliage. A tiny hut lay just beyond the walls of the trees. I pushed myself to my sore and bloodied feet, energized by the revived prospect of hope.

Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Good job! Thank you for laying the request on my blog :) I will review your books as soon as I can, definitely! It may not be until July though, as a warning--I'm pretty heaped up with requests right now, which is a big blessing considering how much I *wanted* them before!

  2. Love it! Nice job, and what a neat picture!

  3. Hi Lena- I love your blog! It's too cute. :) I followed. :) Sorry my picture is different from my profile picture, still haven't figured out why it didn't switch over.. But anyways, :P