Confession :-(

I've been writing a short story. Sorry . . . I just haven't been faithfully working on my story. I have less than 4000 words in almost a month. I just haven't been feeling inspired. At least, not for my current story. Plus, I've been mentally busy, studying for English tests and practicing for concerts and orchestra auditions. I can't stay up late most nights because I usually have something going on the next day.

Sundays are just no-nos for staying up late to write because I go to the fitness center Monday morning. Mondays, not so much for staying up late. Tuesdays, no, because of the fitness center Wednesday morning. Wednesdays, I'm already up late at night from youth group and possible shopping. Thursdays, no; workout on Friday morning. Fridays are usually the nights we stay up late, but not so for the next (or the past) few weeks; this Saturday morning, I'm passing out tracts at the marathon. Then Saturdays, I can't stay up late because I have church the next morning.

So, I'm needing ideas for finding time spaces and mind places to write. Any ideas from you?

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  1. Hiya!
    Don't worry... sometimes there are just parts of our life where we really don't have time to write, sadly. :( I'm currently going through a reading-not-writing stage, so I haven't written much in a while, but have been enjoying lots of books, which will hopefully inspire me to write more!
    As far as time to write, some people say that you should try and write something everyday, but in some ways I disagree. Don't stress out if you don't have time to write or you feel uninspired. The ideas will come, especially when you have more time for them... maybe this summer!? I'm hoping to write / edit this summer, too.