BACH concert

Sunday night was the big night. The people who placed in the Young Baroque Artists Competition all got to perform their pieces in front of the parents and other visitors. Since I didn't have any clothes appropriate for a concert, we had to go buy a two-piece women's business suit. And now, all my mental stress is over! The concert was Sunday, and I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, my parents forgot to take pictures. My dad said he got one of me walking away from the piano after my performance. :-\ Oh, well. I'll just have to try again next year.

The girl who won second place was a vocalist, and she did beautifully. The first place winner was a cellist, and I enjoyed her performance just as much as I did the first time I heard her perform during the auditions. The other two honorable mentions were a cellist and a pianist. During the auditions, I only got to hear the cellist perform.

After the intermission, a strings "band," I guess you could say, performed several pieces - a few of which were from the British Isles. There were only two non-stringed instruments in the "band": a drum and an accordion. During the reception afterwards, I got to briefly meet the accordion player.

Overall, I'm glad that all my mental stressing and nervousness paid off and they are over . . . For now, that is.

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