Thirty followers!

When I got on the computer yesterday, I noticed that I have 32 followers. Yea! Well, I was thinking about hosting a 30-followers giveaway, and I'm in need of sponsors for prizes. If you wish to sponsor a prize, email me here. I was thinking along the lines of blog designs, hand-designed t-shirts, jewelry, etc, for the giveaways. If any of you have any other ideas, let me know!


  1. I would be glad to sponsor a blog design by me!

  2. Hey, Sister Lena, I love your blog design. Do you think you could design my blogs?
    Brittney Ann, I was wondering, you asked me a while back if you could design a header for my blog "The Patriot Lady", and just wondering if you're still interested?

    1. Sure I can design your blogs, little sis! Just visit the page at the top that says "My Designs."