YBAC results

Yesterday afternoon, we received the results of the contest via email. First place and $600 went to one of the last cellists. Second place and $400 went to the vocal soloist. The remaining $300 was split evenly between three contestants who received Honorable Mentions.  The first person on the list was the only other pianist besides me. The third person on the list was another cellist.The second person on the list was . . . . .

ME! The five of us who placed get to perform in a concert on April 21. I'm a little sad that it's a Sunday, because that means I'm most likely going to miss out on a service at church; but at least I placed!

Oh, and after the competition on Saturday, my parents and I had to stop at a music shop before picking up my sister at church. Our original reason for going in was to get some new guitar strings and a guitar strap for me, but we ended up walking out with a brand-new (at least for me) violin! I've been needing a new one for several months now, and we finally got one. It's a gently-used Roth student violin, and it was made in West Germany in 1969. It's also a reproduction of a Stradivarius violin (which is the best kind you can ever get). It sounds so much better now.