O Precious Love

This is an original poem I wrote today. Please tell me what you think about it because it's going in my next novel "The Fairy Princess."

I sat one lonely day,
     As if by the sea;
And my precious love
     Did I finally see.

Her countenance was bright,
     'Twas shining as could be.
O precious love,
     Won't you please look at me?

Her hair was as honey,
     Her eyes like the sea.
O precious love,
     Won't you please come to me?

I saw her only once,
     And I knew it was she:
O precious love!
     Won't you please love me?

Now, in the novel, a man is writing this poem to the heroine's best friend. Please tell me if you like it, if you think I need to change it a bit, or anything else you can think of.