A funeral and Red Lobster

So, earlier this week, my youth pastor's wife asked me if I would play the piano/organ for a funeral she was singing at on Thursday (today). I was also asked to play for the people. The funeral home only had an organ, which I'm not as skillful on, but I can still play. The funeral went well. After the burial service, one of the older men offered to take all of us to Red Lobster.
At Red Lobster, I decided to just order an appetizer, since I don't usually eat that much. Since I haven't had that much seafood in my life so far, I decided to get something that didn't sound ordinary. So, I decided to order some calimari without knowing what it really was. :-/ I had no idea at the time what it was, except that it was some kind of seafood. The taste kinda reminded me of fried clams, which I really like. When my pastor decided to try it a piece, he bit down and immediately knew that it was not regular fish; it's actually squid! I actually liked it surprisingly.
So, even though it may not sound too good when you find out what it is, the taste may really surprise you!

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  1. Oh yeah Calimari is delicious!
    I've had squid two other times in other dishes
    and both of them tasted wonderful, but the fried squid is definitely the best!