For the past four hours, I have been stranded at a car dealership with some people from my youth group. We were on our way up to a college when my youth pastor needed to stop because something was acting up. When we stopped at the dealership, the people told us that the alternator needed to be replaced. The part is replaced, and they're adding a small little part. We should be back on our way in a few minutes!!!! (Hopefully)

Update February 24:
We ended up being stranded for a total of six hours! The alternator was not the problem; it was the EMC unit, the thing that controls the alternator. They said it would only be about a 20-minute replacement, but it turned out to be an hour and a half! AND, a three-year-old boy who was traveling with us was getting cranky because it was his nap time. We finally got to where we were heading to around 6:30 PM when we were supposed to be there in time for lunch.

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