The Orthodontist

About a month ago, I posted about how the dentist told me that I needed braces for my overbite. Well, last Monday afternoon, my mom and I went to the orthodontist for a consultation. The ortho-hygienist (or whatever you would call her) took some pictures and x-rays. Then she developed the pictures and the orthodontist came in.
We went through what was wrong with my teeth / jaw, and he showed us the x-ray photo. As I've known for a long time, my top two canines (or cuspids, if you prefer) are still babies. The orthodontist then explained why they haven't come out yet: one of the adult teeth is impacted (aka: it's completely overlapping the roots of another adult tooth) and the other is 50-50 overlapping. So, once I get my braces on, I have to get - *gulp* - oral surgery.
Yeah, you saw it right. Oral surgery. Sometime after June 13 (because that's when I'm getting my braces and we haven't set a date yet) will be the procedure that will pull out my last two baby teeth - even though I still have four more babies that I won't lose for a long while because I'm missing those adults genetically.


  1. Oh, wow!! Hope it goes well!!!

  2. Yikes... that sounds crazy!!! I'm glad they have a way to fix it, though. I can partially sympathize with you, though, cuz I apparently have to get my wisdom teeth out in the near future. *facepalm*