Without further ado . . .

Several months ago, I hosted a writing contest here. Well, I've finally come around to picking a winner and posting my thoughts. So, without further ado, I announce that the winner of my writing contest is . . .

(click on the link to read her entry)

Her story, entitled "The Rescue", intrigued me from the beginning. I've always been interested in fantasy, so that may have to do with it a little.
I was totally engaged by this story. I was engaged in the plot and the character's situation was compelling. The tension in the story was driven by the characters and their decisions and actions. The plot has a definite climax and I felt satisfied as the story ended. Thought the story has some issues that need to be addressed - such as switching verb tenses at the beginning and some incorrect punctuation - I liked how it "worked" for me as a reader.

The other entries for this writing contest were well-written, though they didn't appeal to me as much as lightwarriorkay's story.

Congratulations, Kay!

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  1. Thanks! I'm super excited that you liked it! :)
    As soon as I have time I'll go fix those mistakes. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions, I really appreciate it!