My novels so far

So, I've self-published one novel of mine - Hafling Diaries. I've finished hand-writing its prequel, The Fairy Princess, but I still have several thousands of words to type onto my computer. I'm still struggling with coming up with a good outline for Mermaid Tales, Hafling Diaries' sequel, however. I have names and everything picked out, but I'm still trying to decide whether Eowiodith, the mermaid, is cursed by the human witch Creliri before or after Eowiodith and Prince Fletcher meet. I'm leaning more towards before, though. These are just my fantasy novels.
In the past, I've started - and nearly finished - several other stories and novels. One was where I was writing in the first person, as if it were happening to me. Another was based on a strangely realistic dream I had a while back. Another was a just-for-fun kind of story about a girl named Gwenivier.
I also joined NaNoWriMo back in November, so that really motivated me to finish a novel in a month. I'm going to Camp NaNoWriMo next month, so that'll be fun!



  1. Cool! Writing is a challenge, and I'm proud of you for completing a novel and self-publishing it! I REALLY want to write and self-publish a Christian Fantasy book series, and I'm in the research and prayer stage of it.
    Good luck on the rest of your journey!

  2. Hiya!
    Ooh, I love your new blog! Can't wait to read more! :)
    I finally posted our interview... sorry it took so long!
    Have a blessed day! Keep writing!