My li'l sis and instant randomness

So, as some of you already know, my younger sister has two blogs of her own, Inspiration Daily and Into It...Deep. I hope you guys can visit them some time, and possibly follow them!

So, today, while my mom, sister, and I were in town today, I realized that I have no green to wear this Sunday. We had to stop at Kohl's for a little bit, so I stopped in the juniors section to see what I could find on the clearance racks. I found this adorable almost-neon green long-sleeved knit sweater that fit me.

Also, when we stopped at the library, I decided to peruse the fiction shelves, since I wasn't sure which author to read. When I was on my way down the aisle to get to the Gilbert Morris books, a two-inch-thick book caught my eye: The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma. As a BIG FAN of Star Trek (the original and Enterprise sagas), I love the episodes that have time travel and changing history. So, hopefully, tonight I will begin reading an unfamiliar author. If any of you have read The Map of Time, please let me know!

Update March 19:
I started reading The Map of Time, and I'm officially NOT going to finish it due to explicit content. I recommend NOT reading it.


  1. Hi, sissy! Tanks. And, I got a book too. It's called "When Two Hearts Meet" by Janelle Mowery. I haven't started it yet, but, maybe I'll red it in the car. :)

  2. Hi! Ahh, sorry your book didn't work out. :( It's so annoying when a book turns out to have inappropriate stuff in it! Do you read from the Young Adult section? I just started YA books, but it can take a while to find one that looks good. If you like alternate history, the Gideon Trilogy is pretty cool. It does have some references to evolution and some other problematic stuff in it... I might review it soon, but we'll see. :)