Prologue to my next novel!


“Have you found anything? Any trace at all?”

“No, my lord. We have again failed to find any trace of her. I doubt we'll ever see the princess again. She's been missing for more than ten years. If I may say so, my king, I think this search has gone on long enough. We're never going to find her.”

The king stood from his throne. “I don't care if it's been ten thousand years! I want my daughter back. We're going to continue searching for –” The king abruptly stopped. He clutched at his heart in pain, and he collapsed on the floor.

The queen rushed to her unconscious husband's side. “Get the doctors immediately,” she ordered, cradling the king's head. “It's going to be alright, my love. We're going to find her, I promise.” Where could my little angel be? the queen thought.

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