Design Challenge

Just so you know, I've now joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Didn't know I like to write? Well, now you know.

I'm in need of a front cover for the novel I will be writing, Hafling Diaries. It's about a girl who discovers that her heritage is not what she thought it was and goes traipsing around the countryside, looking for her long-lost parents. She has a pixie and a dragon for friends, and a young man who helps her escape from an evil stronghold joins her along the way.

(Edited on December 10)
Britt over at Designed to Inspire has taken charge of the book cover design challenge for me. I've seen a lot of the entries, and they are AMAZING!


  1. I am going to love entering! I will do a blog post of the cover and give u the link sometime tomorrow. :)

  2. Here it tis! :D

    1. I took the liberty to enter your entry (under your name and link) at Designed to Inspire. Hope it's fine with you!

  3. I Will try to enter soon! is there a deadline?
    <3 Laura
    P.S. I am doing NaNo too! Here's a link to my profile page.