Where was I then?

Where was I when all this happened? How old was I? What do I remember about it?

I was at home. We were at our home in New Jersey. It was a normal September day. My five older siblings were at school in Pennsylvania. I was playing with my younger sister when my mom got a call from my dad. He was at work an hour south of us. My mom quickly got us in the car and drove to get my brothers and sisters at school. When we were there, my mom talked to a friend of hers about what was happening. Then we all left to go back home. That's where I was and what I remember. How old was I? I was three and a half years old. I don't remember much about it happening though.

I remember hearing a lot about 9/11 on the car radio for months after the attack. Before the attacks, she didn't listen much to Sean Hannity and Rush Libaugh. (I think that's how you spell his last name) After the attack, she listened to them much more often.

All I knew back then was that one day there were Twin Towers in New York. Then the next day, there were no Twin Towers, that they fell down. I didn't understand how or why they were gone. I didn't understand why people would hate America. But that was eleven years ago. I understand almost everything about it, but one thing: why do they hate us?

As former President Bush said, "They can shake the foundations of buildings, but they cannot shake the foundation of America." I don't know if that's word-for-word, but that's basically what he said that night.


  1. I think they hate us because are founded on Christian beliefs. And Muslims want to kill anyone who isn't a Muslim. It's their religion.

  2. As for me I don't remember it at all, I was 1. But I feel like I was there after watching the shows talking about 9/11.
    BTW, I LOVVVEEEE your header pictures!! :D