Photo Shoot!

This is a photo shoot at my house last night. My best friend and her family were over for supper, and we also went on a walk. That's where I got some of the pictures.

Sunset across the street. Ain't it so pretty?

 Best friend's younger brother sitting on our hammock in the front yard

Pretty flowers we saw on our walk

Best friend forever!!!!! <3>
Me fixing the rope holding up one end of the hammock

Little sister. She kinda looks high

BFF again

BFF's little brother

Accidentally got the rope instead of BFF

Me fixing the other rope holding up the other end of the hammock

This is when I did my little sister's hair. She wanted it parted on the side. What do you think?

Look! It's the bathroom mirror! =P

House finch on our bird feeder. They LOVE the black sunflower seeds

Random picture of the clouds one Sunday

EUW!!! Dead mole on our walk

Sorry about the last one being a little gross, but I wanted to get a picture of it. We actually saw another one, but I didn't get a photo of it.
I have three videos from last night, but they'll have to wait. They're kinda funny. The first one and last ones are definitely hilarious!

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  1. I just saw your post over on Sierra’s blog, so I thought I’d stop by. First three pictures are pretty. =)