My Etsy Shop "Trouble"

I'm having a bit of trouble with naming a few of the items in My Etsy Shop here on the blog. For those who can come up with names for the items with "?", I will put the suggested name for the item and the person's name who suggested it in a hat and pull out one name. The persons who win will get 50% off any item in the shop. And the winning name for the item will be used in My Etsy Shop and the name of the persons who suggested it will be next to the items' name. One hat will be for each item. For example (I'll use a landscape picture):

"Purple Perfection" (suggested by "Lena")

Get my drift? Hope you can all give me suggestions. =D This will run until September 10, 2012.


  1. #8 from the top: "Marvelous Marble"

    1. Any other suggestions for the others? =D

  2. I'm 1lover from Wonderzone, and I put my names over on your Etsy shop. Please tell me what you think on the BRC!