YBAC time again

I would have posted this earlier, but I didn't.

Anyway, YBAC came around again this year. I'd been practicing my piece for months, and I was ready for it. However, I did not expect the competition to be more competitive this year. The number of competitors doubled from last year, and I knew nearly half of them by name.
Unlike last year, the dominance laid with violinists and pianists, instead of cellists. There were only two competitors this year who had placed last year, one of them being me.
This past Saturday, the competition was held. I went in, expecting to do very well. I knew my piece almost completely by heart. I'd brought my music just in case I needed it for any reason. When my time came, I opened the lid of the piano, turned my music to a troublesome page, and began.
My first noticeable stumble came at an unexpected time. My memory had failed me. I kept playing, thinking it was probably no matter. I'd turned my music away from the troubling page, praying that I'd finish well.
I got to the easier part of the hardest page with no trouble, then got whammed with another mistake. Another blunder, during one of the easiest parts of the piece. I turned my music again, and continued to play.
I finished with as much oomph as I could manage. I closed my music, stood, thanked the judges, and quietly exited the room. Even with my mistakes, everyone was saying I did well. I anxiously waited for the results to drop into my inbox.

That night, shortly before I went to bed, I checked to see if they'd determined the winners. An email sat at the top of the inbox, from one of the competition managers. I opened it, dreading what it might say.

First place: [a violinist]
Second place: [a harpist]
Third place: [a violinist]
Honorable mentions: [a violinist], [a vocalist]

My name was not there, nor were any others from my same instrument. I hadn't really expected to be there, with my stumbles and the added competition this year. Perhaps my piece was not quite the style the judges were searching for, perhaps my mistakes made a bit of an impact in their decision, perhaps both.
I may not have placed this year, I may compete in the coming years, but I will be more aware of the competition and my selection.

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