Flash Fiction Contest

I've decided to host another writing contest. This time, instead of short story, it's going to be flash fiction.

When: December 5-31
Where: Here

The flash fiction piece must be 150-750 words long. It must be written completely by you.
Post the link to your blog post containing your piece / post your piece in the comment section.
Must either follow this blog or my main blog, Love of a Lifetime.
Must place the contest button on your blog, unless you don't have one.

The winner of this contest will have their flash fiction piece published in the Uniquely Natalie Forever magazine's January issue. Natalie requests that the winner please choose a picture/cover that relates to the piece.

Have fun! I can't wait to see what some of you write.

*special thanks to Anna for designing the button <3


  1. What is "flash fiction" anyway? Is it just a very very short story or something?

    1. Though it goes by many different names, flash fiction is, yes, a short short story. The name "flash fiction" implies that it's written "in a flash." Hope this helps you! =)

  2. Here's my entry: