Tuck Everlasting Movie

Last night, I watched Tuck Everlasting. It's one of my favorite love stories. But my #1 favorite of them all is Jesus dying on the cross for my sins. It's the greatest and fairest of them all.
One of the reasons Tuck Everlasting is one of my favorite movies is because it doesn't follow Disney's usual philosophy of "Follow your heart." Because, if Winnie had followed her heart, she would have spent eternity with Jesse Tuck. She did what was right.
What's wrong with Disney's "follow your heart" philosophy? Jeremiah 17:9 says it quite well: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"



  1. What is Tuck Everlasting about?

    1. Tuck Everlasting is about a rich 15-year-old girl who hates the life her parents want her to live. While she was walking in the woods, she meets a family with a secret. As she spends the summer with them, she gets to know the younger son better. Then one day, the younger boy and his older brother tell her the family secret: they can't die.
      Because her parents didn't know where she was, her father sets up a search party and starts to comb the woods. One of the persons of his party has been searching for the family for years so that he also might have eternal life like they do. But when the mother of the family kills him, she and her husband are sent to prison while her two sons run. When the mother is sentenced to die, her sons and the girl break them out of prison.
      Right before they left, because the younger son and the girl had fallen in love, he tells her how to live eternally like them. When she gets the next opportunity, she ponders what the boy wants her to do. But she decides not to do what he wanted because, according to the father, "We don't live; we just are."
      At the end of the movie, the boy comes back to the place where her and the girl met, and he finds a grave, marking where the girl is buried. (This part almost always makes me cry.)